Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ac Vs. Dc Powered Security Cameras

When it comes to monitoring your business or you residence then the security camera system is your choice. It enables you to monitor every single moment of the day and record it in a separate file for easy access. In the market now there are many options for these kinds of security systems and it all depend on your usage and the budget provided. There are simple systems which are suitable for low budget projects but it provides reasonable features and fair picture quality. The security cameras are the principal component of any monitoring system and they determine the capabilities of the system by a large percent. But to give you the full picture, you need to know that choosing a high quality camera and dedicating most of the budget for it and neglecting the rest of the system will have a great impact on the recorded picture as you can not make use of the full features of the security camera without the proper recording device that is able to record the high quality picture onto a high quality recording media in order to keep this quality.

Away from the picture quality there are some points that you have to cover in order to ensure the efficiency of your security cameras systems. One of these items is the type of current used with the monitoring system, is it AC or DC. Of coarse the are pros and cons for every type so let us have a quick look on both types so you will be able to take these points in consideration when buying a security cameras system.

The AC power type security cameras and recording devices are very popular because of many things. First of all the AC power is more abundant, because this alternate current is the usual current that you find in the usual outlets of your facility either with 110 volts or 200 volts. This feature makes it very easy for you for finding the source of power for your security cameras. It is also easier for installation because it is only two terminals of power that you need to connect, you do not need to find out which terminal goes with which wire. If you do not suffer from power off a lot in your area then the AC current power source is suitable for you because the several power offs can harm the system especially the security cameras and the recording devices.

When we browse through the DC current power supply, we will find that you need to install a current rectifier if you want to use your ordinary AC current outlets and sockets found in your facility and obviously this will costs more and affects your budget. The second thing is that you need to take care when installing your security camera and connecting it to power source as there are two poles, positive and negative so it is very important to take care of the polarity but the DC current has a very important feature which is that you will not ever suffer from data loss of the electric power is off.


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